Friday, December 12, 2008

This is our God

Freely, He gave His son for us...we didnt ask for this to happen, but we needed it to live. All God is asking for in return is for you to see him, to acknowledge him. I mean for goodness sake, its only the creator of all that exist, and our excuse is that we're too busy? That is...too busy dying. If satan's plan is to get peoples eyes off of God, then he wins. And if our eyes are not on God, then our worship isnt either. And if our worship isnt on God, then its directed on one other...thats right, satan. So, if he can convince you(satan that is) that there is too much time on your hands to be serving God, then his job is complete. This is where Jesus comes in.

If you can bare with me, and just picture this for a moment. Your standing in an open field, a grazing land, with plenty of water and vegetation, meant for roaming beasts, and wild animals for you to rule over. Don't ask how you got here, you just end up arriving here lost, on this path to which you took on your journey. You get caught up in this deadly battle, a battle which you cannot fight yourself. There is no escaping, no where to run. You have to live this out, you have to move foward. You have to try to fight this on your own. As the beast is coming toward you, you cringe with fear and anguish, knowing your time has come. Suddenly, out of the midst of where you came from, a boy walks toward you. He comes to you and says, "my father has told me you are in trouble, he has sent me to save your life. Go now, this battle is with me. My father is waiting for you." You, overwhlemed with what has taken place, finally awake from the dream. You relize that your own path has gotten you lost, afraid, and in a battle that you cannot fight. The boy that came to your aid is your saviour, and he telling you that his father is waiting for you. Then you turn and walk towards the father. He lifts you up and says, "I have been trying to get your attention, I love you."

Would you acknowledge him then?

Sometimes it takes getting lost, being caught up in so much junk that is uncontrollable. In a battle that you lose everyday, trying to win on your own. I know for me, I failed misreably on my own, I ran from all that was good, to try and make my life work out. I hurt myself worse by ignoring God, and running from the truth. Until one day, he lifted me up. I have never been the same since. I have so much purpose and calling in my life now then i ever did. The weight has fallen off, and the chains that once enslaved my soul, have been broken by the freedom in Jesus Christ. I pray that your hearts stay open to what God has for you.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last years paperwork


So this is my first blog, I have so much to write. This is from a year ago, i found it while going through my journal.

1st John 2:15 "Do not love this world nor the things it offers you"

Searching. Searching for who we are, searching for what we like, and searching for what makes us come alive.

We constantly go through trial and error to excite our flesh, with short, exhausting tribulations that weaken us, mind, body, and soul. The friends we have seem to be cool, and untouchable to us in their enviorment. In church its weird and uncomfortable, because our flesh is disagreeing completely. Our spirit is dying to be involved with Christ, but were unsure. So we hop back on our trial that seems to be working out for us in our world, for right now.

It cannot be done, circumstance will deprive us from our goal.

Focused on God, Eyes on the prize.


People that dont know God, most of what they fill themselves with, are things they can identify with.

Being created to worship God, who created all that we know and much more, sounds a bit unordinary, when surrounded by the culture of this world.

Living in such a vast, busy world is such rollercoaster ride. In and out of things you go, things that you would never consider. However, there are always indefinite thoughts, always a "void", always something missing. Something so strong, that the flesh has to find its validity in a numerous amount of objects or persons to stay secure, to feel alive. On its own, the flesh cannot handle good behaviour, or being morally right. Without God, the flesh needs something to depend on. So as a side effect, a curse more or less, the flesh depends on things that are intended for death, to remain in peace.

If believing in God is so crazy, and the thought of everlasting life is rediculous, why choose to kill yourself faster? The flesh is so scared that there is life, that there is a way to live thats good, that there is a God. A God that can deliver and save us from this death, this curse. So many times were afraid to let go. We know there is truth, something so much better, pulling us in so many directions, but were convinced otherwise(by the sinful nature). The one thing that holds us back from being everything were called to be is ourselves. We dont trust who we are apart from God, so we fill ourselves with liquids, that only help momentarily. Placing sex, as the highest pinacle point of our life. In relation to sex, putting completley all we are into another human being, hoping we have found what we have been looking for. But we dont. It turns out to be one vicious cycle, a process that repeats itself over, and over again. Never willing to change, and never gaining satisfaction out of the same old thing. Never obtaining what you truly desire.

My question is, if you knew there were something better, would you try it if it wasnt labled as "church"?

If you were willing to give up all that you knew and serve a God that could radically change your life, would you do it?

Please can we just hurry up, and die to sin, and defeat this curse. This curse that holds on to us with so much influence, and gain Life.

For those of you who have chosen God, why do you choose play with death so much, the sinful nature that is. I thought you ran to God, because the other lifestyle clearly wasnt working?

Remain alive to Christ, and dont allow death to grab ahold of you and chain you down to somebody that your not.